Edupedia World Virtual World, Free Education

Edupedia World is a new Indian start-up venture which aims at providing free online education. The motto of the company is – “Virtual World, Free Education”. The company works at providing a very flexible solution for learning. It aims at filling the learning gaps that are present in the classroom teaching. It is imperative that the youth is provided with ample amount of study materials and there is no hindrance in the learning process. Doing this effectively in the classroom alone is a very difficult task and hence, providing a solution at their doorstep may solve the problem.

At the core, the Edupedia Family comprises of well qualified faculties for each subject. Students can be assured that the study materials are prepared by professionals and are of very high quality. The company does not compromise on the quality aspect and believes in providing a genuine service to the students. A brief profile of each faculty is given on the website in order to maintain the transparency. Any student can check out the faculty profile for the particular subject they are learning on our website.

Overall, the company is focussed at creating a virtual world where education is provided for free.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to enrich the existing education system by providing a one stop web portal for all education information needs. Every study material available on our education portal is entirely free and aim at assisting students to perform better academically. We offer high flexibility to enhance the entire learning process.”

Teach with Edupedia world

If you have the required experience and a passion to teach, you can mail us your Resume at, clearly mentioning the subject you are interested in. Please find the list of subjects below for which we are currently hiring: