The E- Journey of Education

Emerging economies, as defined by the eggheads of the first century of the third millennium, with low or middle per capita income and where the hiss and hustle of the world metamorphoses to fruitfulness but not to barrenness make the words of Socrates futile. It is the long drawn tussle between resource scarcity and dreams of this miraculous world that moulded an initiative under the title e-learning ‘facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology’.
E- Learning through online education websites helps to impart knowledge irrespective of the physical and social circumstances and annihilate the barriers to education which is the need of the hour. For such a beautiful and motivating concept to become a reality, online education websites are inevitable, thus they are the protagonists of the 21st century. Education free of cost is the driving principle of e-learning in an era where commodification of human lives and culture is rampant. They also give the rural areas a hand up by spreading knowledge without pulling a penny out of their pockets. E- Learning is a system that helps its followers to pursue education in a cost- effective manner by saving the travel and establishment costs and encouraging the reuse of study materials which is an extra joyful fact for a parsimonious student. Online education websites with the help of e-learning accomplish even the elusive dreams of disadvantaged people of developing countries by assuring them quality education anywhere anytime in any part of the world which proves that they are not money- spinners. Emerging economies with its jittery professionals face the challenge of nurturing human skills at a low cost in remote and rural areas and to ensure inclusiveness in its development process where the online educational sites are the key solution. The prominence of e- learning and its companion online educational websites are on the rise owing to the fact that money is the yardstick behind acquiring the powerful weapon of education.
Time being the most scarce resource in today’s world, e-learning’s greatest advantage lies in saving the time of a person where an individual can cover and continue the course according to his/her convenience and saves the travelling time along with increasing the productivity of a person. Certain other benefits of e-learning include the decrease in the use of printed material, offer a flexible and friendly environment and rectify the issues of attendance and travel difficulties. While hovering over the criticism that e- learning completely negates the human element from education, the well -known foundation principles of e-learning, equality, quality and interaction well implemented with the help of online educational sites, proves it to be a flimsy case. In an era of modernization and commercialization, online educational websites utilizing the scope and potential of e-learning, serves a noble purpose of perpetuating the unfathomable benefits of education.