Top 5 reasons to learn Spanish

Originated in the Castile region of Spain, Spanish is also known as the Language of Romance. It has hundreds of thousands of speakers around the world. It is also considered as the second-most spoken native language, the first one being Mandarin Chinese. Around 21 million students around the world learn Spanish and in this post you will know the reason why.  In the modern era, it is very vital for a person to learn a second language as it opens the door of various opportunities. Here are the top 5 reasons to learn Spanish:
1. It opens a wide door of opportunities as it is not considered as a foreign language anymore. With over 20 million people learning the language it is one of the most spoken languages around the world. It alone has over 50 million people in United States that speak Spanish. It is most required while dealing with Spanish and Latin firms. So even if you do not consider yourself as one Globetrotter, Spanish would still be the language which will be considered most useful to learn.
2. It is considered as the Romance Language around the globe and is considered as the most fun language to learn due to its simplicity. Learners pick up Spanish faster and are able to interact with a wide society of Spanish speaking people.
3. Spanish is also considered as a great Gateway language. A gateway language means that if you learn this language successfully this may help you to learn 3,5 or even more of different languages. It is also interpreted that a gateway language is just a language which will help a person motivated to start learning other languages as well. If you choose to learn Spanish it will help you realize that there is no such thing as difficulty in learning different languages.
4. Learning a new language can be also defined as a medical device as researchers have found out that knowing two languages can actually reduce the chances of you developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers who found out this were motivated by the result of the past studies which proved that knowing more than one language can enhance or boost a person’s analytical and processing skills. There are certain other studies which were conducted by researchers that concluded that  studying different languages can actually improves a person’s memory and can slow down the decline in mental acuity that comes with 
5. Learning Spanish helps you learn more about the Latino culture and also will enable you to acquire more knowledge about the Latino culture. Even if you live in a tree house in a forest with no person around to have a conversation in Spanish with you can still connect with the Spanish culture through its art, cinema, music and its literature. It is fascinating to explore the Spanish culture through the works of Miguel de Cervantes, the first modern novelist to other eminent people like Roberto Bolano.
If you are a language enthusiast looking forward to learn foreign language, then you can go in various foreign language courses offered by various institutes, or you could enroll for online language classes, such as Edupedia which offers free online foreign language courses in various international languages through online videos for free.